10 Things a Reader Can Do For Support

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  1. Great post, Dee Ann! Lots of good tips/ideas here. Would you mind if I used a few, of course giving you full credit and linking to your site?

    All best,


  2. deeannwaite says:

    Hi Michael! Thanks for stopping by. I would be pleased if you would use these suggestions. If you have any of your own, please share! The more we can educate our readers on how they can a part of our world, the better it is for all.

  3. Dee, This is wonderful advice! I never even thought about some of these suggestions. What a great way to get readers involved!

  4. Re: #1 — Review the Book: To me this is the most (well, one of the most) aggravating aspects of being a writer. I don’t know about you, but I consider writing hard work, physically and mentally exhausting at times. We pour so many hours into our craft, sometimes years, on one project. Then someone reads and enjoys it, and can’t find the time or take the trouble to write a couple of lines to review the book! GRRRR! I’ve given away MANY copies to relatives and friends alike, only to have them never leave a review. If they only knew how frustrating this is! I’m not lumping all relatives and friends together here, but many fall into the category. Anyone have any ideas to “prod” reviews, other than Dee Ann’s wonderful suggestions?

  5. Hmm, while I’m venting . . . Can someone tell me how authors who put out what basically boils down to inferior C _ _ POLA manage to garner hundreds and even thousands of reader reviews? I don’t get it. Have any of you seen this? I’m NOT suggesting that all books receiving tons of review fall into the above category. Many are well deserving of the praise they get. Maybe some of you have managed to rake in those numbers. If so, does anyone care to share your secret? I, for one, would be very grateful. This old dog is never to old to learn new tricks!

    • deeannwaite says:

      Michael, I totally agree. I’m going through the very same thing on getting reviews. When I meet people face to face, or even on my social network, they can do nothing but rave about my books, but get them to leave a review? Ugh! Very, very difficult. I feel your frustration.

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