Am I a Coward?

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  1. Cindy Foley says:

    Just the other day I was telling a friend that I can’t remember the last time I was in such a funk. Bone disease settling into my son’s broken leg, four volunteer organizations clamoring for my time, , my day job, house and homework, marketing my first novel, and trying to find time to write the second. Overwhelmed, I floundered in despair. I hear you, woman! All I could do was breathe and persevere. Faith told me I would get through whatever I was going through. Hope motivated me. Love told me, I am sufficient, I am wonderful! I am enough.

    • deeannwaite says:

      Oh Cindy, you ARE enough! Great words for me to read. I’m sorry to hear about your son. I hope and pray that his leg heals quickly. If there is anything I can do to help you market your novel, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to be your sounding board. 🙂

  2. You’re post touched my heart today, Dee Ann. It’s been a trying year for me as well. My mother died, my husband had a heart procedure done, the long winter weather this season got me down with joint issues. I feel your pain in marketing! It takes the joy out of writing, doesn’t it? But it is a necessary evil, I suppose. Too bad we aren’t rich and famous and can afford a big agent to do it for us. LOL! I write about strong, independent women. My 1st 3 books are based on a very strong grandmother. Whenever I feel like I can’t do this anymore, I remember her. My 1st 3 books came so easily, then everything shifted and became more difficult. I’m really forcing myself to come out of it. My favorite quote is from Dolly Parton. She said, Figure out who you are, then do it on purpose. I say that to myself everyday. I am a writer, a story teller. I have a message, I have talent. Sometimes we must remind ourselves of these things. One day at a time, Dee Ann! I am a big fan of yours! Carry on!! 🙂

    • deeannwaite says:

      Thanks so much Patty! I’m so sorry to hear about your hard times this year. I’ll pray for God’s hand to ease your pains.

      And I you (a big fan). I love visiting your Facebook page; always uplifting whether with encouraging photos, inspiration quotes, of funny quips. Thanks for words of encouragement. Hugs

  3. Wow, another inspiring post, Dee Ann! I’m not a woman, of course (no Bruce Jenner for this guy!), but was a verbally and physically abused kid. I’m talking the kind of beatings where I received bleeding welts through my clothing. This went on for several years. After high school I was out the door and into the Marine Corps, headed for Vietnam. I witnessed a lot of death and suffering, and was wounded three time is one day. (I attribute it to getting up on the wrong side of the foxhole!) Spent many months in the hospital. Lived with PTSD for fifteen years before seeking help. I’m still bothered by it, but I cope the best I can. My first book, a memoir of my time in Vietnam, resulted from group therapy. I wasn’t perfect, but I was a much better parent than was my father. I suppose writing gave me purpose in life. Although traditionally published, I’m also weighed down with marketing and promotion while trying to meet editors’ deadlines; all the while struggling to keep my personal life and home in somewhat reasonable order. Life is tough, as you and your readers well know. We all get knocked down. Hopefully, there’s nowhere to go but up! Thanks again for an insightful post. You have a special knack for making people look inside themselves. And though we’ve never met face-to-face, I’m proud to call you “friend!”

    • deeannwaite says:

      Oh Michael, thanks so much. What a great comment! Wow, you certainly have had a heavy cross to bear. Wounded 3 times in one day?! OMG! The angels were on your side that day, and I’m glad they were. It’s interesting that you say though you are traditionally published, you are also weighed down heavily with marketing requirements. I’ve tried to inform other authors that marketing is HUGE whether self or traditionally published, but many still wear the blinders that once they get an agent and a publisher they’ll be relieved of much of it. So sad.

      Thank you so much for considering me a friend. I feel the same about you. The more we communicate, the more I love learning new things about you. You are a true inspiration. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll meet at a writing conference or event. 😀

  4. Jane H. says:

    This is the danger of being a “super-woman” – or trying to be, or thinking one is! The same goes for men, trying to be everything to everyone. There is no life without challenges. Sometimes the challenge is external, the dog in the drain, the battered woman who needs help, sometimes internal – a feeling of despair, or not being able to do “it all”, self-pity…. There is always an obstacle in the way.. another mountain to climb.. something external, something within ourselves. The minute you think there are none, one appears. But why go to that negative place, thinking bad thoughts about oneself? or about yourself? We are so much products of modern expectations: to succeed in everything we try. It’s a trap, though, and a trap that modern man created. (And I think that all these websites are pushing us on to do more writing, more marketing, more and more.) I love what you wrote in this post, how you opened yourself up… What if our marketing were not a success? How would we feel? What constitutes “successful marketing” anyway? Who is defining those concepts?

    Remember the movie “The Descendents” where George Clooney’s character Matt King says in the opener that people think that people in Hawaii don’t have their problems… Knowing who we are is a long process. It’s not the book you write, it’s not the dog you saved. But those are all parts of who you are. I have a sense of modern life that we focus so much on doing things, on action, and much less on what’s going on internally. The novels you write are thrillers. They’re full of action. And what happens when the action stops? or the hero or heroine faces an obstacles? We’re talking real life, not fiction.

    • Jane, thanks so much for your great thoughts. I agree with you; society is definitely pushing us too much to do more and more, let alone the writing industry. Now that the traditional publishers have backed off of doing most of the promotions, writers are finding that they must learn marketing in order to be successful. And us poor self pubbers…man are we in a ditch trying to climb out! We really do need to step back and look inside ourselves to discover what is truly important. Thanks again for your thoughts. Very much appreciated and well received.

      • Jane H. says:

        Thank you, Dee Ann. I appreciate that! You know, with our books, we write, rewrite, read, reread, if anything can be misconstrued, is unclear, not explained, misinterpreted, but with these blog posts none of that happens, at least it’s minimal.

        It’s so interested because I keep finding more and more in your post! It’s so full!!! (And btw Maybe thinking or feeling oneself a coward is what comes from having four military and DOC brothers!) Cindy’s “breathe and persevere” sounded good!

        Notice the irony of my being on social media to respond, and your responding via social media.

        • deeannwaite says:

          LOL, how right you are Jane. Thanks so much for the compliments on my posts. I’m glad you enjoy them. And yes, having the military and DOC in my family lends a heavy hand in how I perceive myself. Not that they intentionally put the weight on me, but I am so proud of them all and always feel that I want to measure up. Of course, they think I’m the best little sister in the WORLD and tell me so all the time. 🙂

  5. Jane H. says:

    Dee Ann, I’m CERTAIN that you measure up in their eyes!

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