Bookaholics – Ten Ways to Support Your Habit

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  1. Tom Tatum says:

    Nice post and very wise too. Prioritizing funds for things we love is a must in today’s world. Being the booklover that you are, hope you have an opportunity to read my two books. Both are available online and I think you would enjoy the stories. Have a great day and enjoy your reading!

  2. Well done article. Look forward to other blog posts. Keep writing!!

  3. Once again, great ideas, Dee Ann! I don’t go out much, but my satellite dish is my entertainment. Haven’t gotten to the point of cutting back –yet! Although I do record most of what I watch (movies), besides sports (NASCAR, Braves, college football, etc.). Thanks for another interesting post! –Michael

    • deeannwaite says:

      Thanks Michael, okay so little bits at a time. You can do this! LOL You like NASCAR? I live pretty close to Daytona. In fact I was just up there for last weekend and spent the night at a hotel across the street from the track. My grandkids both had games on Friday and early Saturday, so I decided to stay over. Boy, are they forever doing work on that place. I’ve been down here in FL for 12 years, and it seems they’ve been working on it the entire time! LOL Thanks again for stopping by for a read.

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