Controlling Chaos

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  1. Bulls-eye, Dee! A few days ago I was harried with work (actually, stressing about all I need to do instead of getting to it, plus other personal stuff). I took my blood pressure and it was off the charts! Stress can kill. But I’m an A-type personality, and can’t seem to relax EVER! So, what to do? I’ve tried deep breathing, listening to relaxation music, letting my body totally relax from head to toe, etc. Nothing works for me, but it has to be my fault. I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, and physical problems. I’m not boo-hooing here, just stating the facts.
    If you find a magic button, please pass it on. Thanks for listening! –Michael

    • deeannwaite says:

      Hi Michael! Great to hear from you. I completely get you. I’m actually having heart problems now from letting my stress and anxiety get to me. I wish I had started meditating and relaxation techniques long ago so I could have avoided this mess. I’ve discovered there is no magic button. Just consistency. Even if I don’t feel I can relax, I insist on meditating twice a day, practicing my deep breathing three times a day, and controlling my anxiety with medication. My blood pressure still fluctuates, but it is now down more than up. (Of course, they added a second blood pressure med to help with this) 🙂 I wish you all the best with your health, my friend. Please continue to do whatever you can to help you through your days. xo

      • Thanks, Dee Ann. Learning to live in the moment is the key, as I see it. For an old dog, that’s easier said than done, although old dogs CAN learn new tricks if they try and stick to it. I think in today’s world of writing/publishing, more is dumped on writers than used to be (I’m talking traditional published authors here), unless you happen to be one of the really “big name” authors. Like most self-publishers (who, by the way, I admire if they do things the right way and don’t skimp on editing, putting out a quality product, etc.) traditionally published authors are expected to do most of the footwork for themselves. Not only that, we are “asked” (read “told”) by the to review one another’s books, provide blurbs, as well as taking care of our many edits of proofs and other pre-publication chores. After publication the real fun begins. It’s practically non-stop, and all the while we have the deadline of another manuscript staring us down. Yikes, how does one “live in the moment” with all that? Oh well, nobody forced us to become writers/authors. And I suppose when you step back and look at the big picture, it’s much better to have the big workload than to still be writing and struggling to find an agent or publisher for all one’s blood, sweat, and tears.
        Thanks for listening to my rant. It’s good to blow off steam now and then. Keeps the old boiler from exploding! Really enjoyed this post. Made me think and take note of important matters. Thanks!

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