Mists of Bayou Rhyne

RELEASE DAY – March 30, 2015

Mists of Bayou Rhyne is a Young Adult Suspense Thriller with paranormal influence. It is an emotional and riveting tale of romance, lies, and difficult choices. It explores themes of self, family, duty, and betrayal.  Read excerpt.

Mists of Bayou Rhyne

The Mississippi bayou and I share some special moments; some scary and some softy romantic. I remember the sense of fear I had when I was canoeing alone through the bayou one misty morning and came upon two men who resembled the men from Deliverance. The immense fear that raked my body was mind-numbing. The way they looked at me, spoke to me; slow and intimidating like. A young woman walked up behind them and started yelling at them. I took that as my que and I paddled out of there as quickly as I could. I wanted to portray that fear within this story.

The light goes out in seventeen year old Cassandra Rhyne’s world when her father is discovered lying face down in the bayou. A horrible accident, people say. A terrible tragedy, they say. Only, the mists of Bayou Rhyne tell her something different. The whispers speak to her of murder. When she tells her mother and the sheriff what the mists are trying to say, it lands her in weekly visits to the head doctor.

A glimmer of light returns to Cassie’s life when she meets Derrick Anderson, the new senior in school. But there remains a darkness. She has a murder to prove; the problem is her suspected murderer is also running for mayor… that, and no one believes her.

Belinda Larson, aka, Belle, a boarder at Rhyne Equestrian Center and the daughter of mayor elect, despises Cassie and makes it her sworn duty to bring her down any way she can. Taking Cassie’s best, and only friend away from her is a good start; next she sets her sights on the handsome Derrick Anderson.

The awkward love triangle results in a terrible accident that puts Belle in a coma and forces Derrick to run for his life or face jail. He turns to Cassie. Against her will, Cassie agrees to help him, unaware that in his salvation lie the dark secrets to her father’s murder.