A Short and Concise Approach to Getting Started on Your First Novel

Three Phase Writing is a short, concise approach for beginner writers struggling with where to start in writing theirThree Phase Writing,new novel. This book is chock full of great pointers such as where to find your audience, how to build strong characters, how to create a believable plot, and where to go when the story is finished. A great little book full of the right information to get any beginner writer well on their way.

5 Star Review:

This is a great little book hitting the basics of getting started on your novel. If you have a story idea in your head and are wondering what to do next, your .99 cent investment in this three-step guide will help you move from stuck to starting. Recommended!

You have a great story to tell. Don’t struggle any longer on where to begin. Pick up this book, pick up your pen, and start writing!