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Here are a few miscellaneous details of the goings on with me at the moment.

Current Work-In-Progress: Follow along as I work through the first installment of a three part psychological thriller named Where Demons Hide – a Psychopath’s Journey.

I’ve always had an intense interest in psychology and the workings of the criminal mind, and I’ve explore the topic of psychopathy in great depth. For this book, Where Demons Hide, I’ve begun to research and meet with these individuals in order to dig down into the soul of the human behind the oftentimes heinous acts of violence by what some refer to as the beast within.

Psychopathy is an interest subject to me in that most people look at the person with this illness as a monster which, I believe, separates the reality of the illness from the person’s subconscious. What I mean is, a woman may look at a man who has committed a most violent act of murder and scowl with a shaking head and call  him a beast. I believe at this point she disassociates herself from him, almost unable to process that such an act of violence could be done by another human being. I feel that this is detrimental to our safety as a society. The truth is psychopaths and sociopaths walk among us every day, and they don’t resemble the Hollywood-style, Charles Manson crazed-eyed psycho that many relate them to. They are most often handsome, highly intelligent, and quite charming individuals. They suck their victims in.

It baffles me how women raise their children to fear the stranger with the lost puppy, but as adults, they fall into the same trap. I have friends who have admitted to offering a man her cell phone so he could call a taxi, or opening their door widely at a knock and a call for help, or worse, actually letting them in their car to give them a lift to the nearest whatever. People say, ‘Oh, I’d never do that,’ but the truth is, if a handsome young man with a soft voice and charming eyes approached you seemingly shaken and in need of help, many women would do just that. It’s called the nurturing instinct. We have to help. We have to protect. When we’re in that nurturing, protective mode, our own safety somehow drifts to the recesses of our minds. We may get a prickle on the skin, or a wave of uneasiness, but we ignore it out of concern for the person in front of us.

I’m hoping to bring awareness to the dangers around us through a well written and entertaining fiction novel, but that my readers know that this novel was based on many actual facts. Especially the workings of a psychopath’s mind.

There are scenes in the book that are cold, hard, and graphic, but then so is the life of a psychopath.


“You know that little voice in your head that your mother always told you to listen to? You know the one. Some people call it your guardian angel, or special friend, or maybe your conscience. Whatever or whoever it is, you’re supposed to listen to it because it’s supposed to know best, guide you, help you to make the right choice. It might tell you to turn left when you want to go right, and then you find out that there was a massive car pileup on the road you would have taken. Or it’ll give you an oogy feeling when you’re standing near someone, so you get the hell away as fast as you can only to find out later that they made the 10:00 news and not for anything good.

I have one of those.

I listen to it often.

Only it’s the oogy feeling you feel when you stand near me.”

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